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 Kimi's Secret - Now Published on Kindle and in paperback With a deformed hand, an affection for animal skulls, and a soft spot for Marmite, Kimi always knew she was different - but never how much until she’s thrown into the supernatural dimension of Heart, given powers beyond comprehension, a mission to alter the past, and a secret which must never be revealed. Check out Kimi’s amazing

Kimi's Secret won a Children's Book of the Year Award on Youwriteon. It was also featured in my local newspaper, South Yorkshire Times.

Amazon reviews: 

* `Kimi's Secret is a stonker of a read. Great writing and a breathless page turner.`

 * `Wonderful, terrifying and original, this story will stretch your imagination, Kimi will enter your heart and you won't be able to sleep until you know whether or not she's safe.`


Kimi's Fear - Kimi’s secret is out – her brain is the key to successful time travel - and a ruthless greylian bounty hunter will break every bone in her body to get at it. As if that isn’t bad enough, the best looking boy in the world turns into a cannibal intent on devouring every last bit of her. Sometimes life really does suck.
Can Kimi thwart the bounty hunter, kill the boy of her dreams to save her own life, tame her greatest fear and keep herself from becoming greylian toast? Not without help.

Tulpa Bentley returns with old favourites the famoose, Big Sue the giant with OCD, madcap mentor Stella, and chief of fuzz the monkey Rehd along with a whole host of new crazies in an adventure bigger and bolder than before.

“Kimi’s Fear is magical but dark, sad but romantic, and meaningful but bonkers all rolled into one.”

“Deep, profound, scary as hell, and all the makings of a classic.”

Work in progress - Thimblerigger coming soon, a tale of dark supernatural horror - Not to be missed