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JV is a One in a Million Editor. JV is the kind of editor who points out the obvious—except it wasn’t obvious …. until that damn guy pointed it out. Actually I dislike having him critique my work as he makes me feel silly. “Like… why didn’t I notice that?!” I’m kidding. I couldn’t imagine sending off another manuscript to an agent without running it through the JV mill, beforehand! Thus, if you prefer to continue under the warm and snuggly illusion that all is well with your masterpiece, do not… I repeat do not enlist the services of JV. On the other hand, if you are ready for the reasons—explained logically and concisely—as to why your work does not yet work, I wholeheartedly commend JV editing services to you. There is one other matter which strikes me as crucial. JV is an incredibly nice guy. He is a kind and magnanimous human being. He is brutally honest, but a true comrade. On countless occasions, his words have been the convivial carrot to spur me on when the whole idea of continuing to write this book seemed a futile waste of time. I have partaken of countless editing services. This is the best. Other services I could sense it was business—that extra queries were an imposition on the editor, or beyond what I’d paid for. The beauty of JV’s service is, you forget you are a customer. What else can I say? Feel free to contact me if you require a more direct endorsement.

Matthew Cohn

 Johnny, I am delighted to do a testimonial for you. You are a brilliant editor and you make me laugh. It's good to have a great working relationship with someone you can trust. The editing is always spot on and the ideas you come up with are always so unique and therefore my writing reads so much slicker. Thanks so much, Johnny - and to anyone reading this - I highly recommend Johnny's beady eye - he is a new talent that I think the book world will hear a lot of.



I have never looked back since Johnny helped me get my book in order. He is "simply the best" and his suggestions have helped me get to the stage where I am confident that and agent will notice my work - Do not hesitate to give this guy a chance to improve your work.

 Lisa B . London UK


All writers, regardless of level, need someone trustworthy to look over their work and provide feedback. John helped me enormously during various rewrites of my children’s novel, Vlad the Inhaler. He has a brilliant eye and came up with lots of suggestions, many of which I adopted. The result is a much better book, which has attracted the attention of a specialist children’s agent.

Lorraine Mace Email:


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Johnny’s encouragement and insight has helped me to dig deeper and find the writer inside me.

Rosie C UK


Johnny is an outstanding editor. Not only does he find grammatical errors but he critically examines the plot as well. All of his suggestions are carefully thought out and fit in great with the story, (which is why I implemented all of them). Johnny has a very keen eye. He suggested changes where I never thought my book needed changes but they fit perfectly! He also throws in praises along the way which is terrific because, for some of us, critiques are difficult to take. He returns the edits in a very timely manner and makes adjustments to fit your schedule. Also, his charges are incredibly reasonable. Not only do I strongly recommend Johnny as an editor, but I plan on using him again in the future!

Madison E. Fort Worth, Texas.


Johnny has edited my work. Arrogantly, I didn’t expect I’d need much input from him and then the first edit came back. I had received feedback from other people but nothing like this. This was good. He had read, understood and improved on what I was trying to say. There were four edits in all and at the end of the process I had a piece of writing that was still mine but tighter, stronger and more vivid. The relationship I have built up with Johnny is a respectful partnership. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a first class editor.

 Sian, Leicester UK


I've had many pieces of writing professionally critiqued by Johnny throughout my career. At all stages, I've found the level of expertise extremely helpful, insightful and challenging. The detailed, thought-provoking comments and edits to my work remain invaluable.

 Jane Dixon, UK


What can I say? This guy has HUGE talent. He can take a piece of mediocre writing and he can make it shine. He asks questions that you'd probably have not even thought of. He makes you get inside your character's head. He steps back and looks at every option. He points out things that are so obvious, you cry in shame that you didn't see it yourself. Johnny is a very good writer, but he is also a great editor. It's a skill and he has it in abundance. I don't think it's any exaggeration to say he has helped take my writing and my latest novel to a new level, and I am really proud of my work now. He's a perfect editor, harsh but fair. There's a chance to begin with you may not like what he says; you may scowl when you see all the red pen over your treasured work. But trust him. And see what happens. I'm only too pleased to write this testimonial, and I would encourage anyone considering his services to snap him up. I can promise you won't regret the decision.

Gillian H, UK


Two years ago I put the first three chapters of my novel An Eye for an Eye on the You Write On website for new authors. I got mixed reviews from the other members, but John was the only reviewer to give constructive advice to my writing. Right away he gave me a list of self help books he’d found useful in his own writing. Having read the books, I later corresponded with him, asking him to look again at my revised work. This he did, and from then on for the next six months he helped me get first three chapters up to a much higher standard. I then put the revised version of my story back on the site to much more favourable reviews and just outside the top ten of the best stories on the site. I can’t thank John enough for his patience, his eye for detail and for his encouragement to my writing. He doesn’t beat about the bush, and calls a spade a spade but always he is very positive in any help he gives. His writing is of the highest standard and I would recommend his editing service to any aspiring writer wishing to get their work published. My book has since been self published and has been given several good reviews, and this is due in no small part by John’s help. Thanks John keep up the good work.

Martin P, West Midlands